Finnish, patented and certified.

RVS is a ceramic treatment for engines etc., and it is certified to decrease fuel consumption and emissions. The ceramic surface structure protects and restores metallic friction surfaces, which increases their life span.

RVS is Finnish, certified and reliable. It is an environment friendly choice. You can carry out an engine treatment easily and quickly by yourself.

RVS Technology has been tested in numerous objects over the years, and it has been noted to be effective, among others, by TÜV SÜD, a widely known German testing organisation.


  • The reliability and efficiency of equipment improve.
  • Service intervals and useful lifetime are extended.
  • Energy consumption decreases, as a result of which both costs and emissions are reduced as well.
  • RVS treatment has a long-lasting effect, for instance in automobiles it affect about 100,000 km (65,000 miles).

A short history of RVS Technology

The technology has its roots in extensive deep drilling operations in the Kola peninsula region, USSR. During drilling it was discovered that at a depth of between 6–7 km, drill heads stayed sharp 5–7 times longer than they normally would and had to be replaced much less frequently. During the subsequent research it became clear that it was the mineral in the layers of rock that was causing this surprising effect.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the research was moved into the private sector and in 1995 a small team of scientists joined forces to develop and refine the technology formula to be commercially viable. Progress was accelerated when the Russians became part of a joint venture company based in Finland.

The first commercial RVS Technology products were launched in 2001. Products were proved to be effective, passing many test trails with great results, whilst new markets were opened and the product range expanded.

The technology was sold to a new owner. This move allowed submitting a new international patent and investments in a new, improved third generation product.

RVS was successful in obtaining certification from TÜV SÜD, a widely known German testing organisation, for certified emission and fuel efficiency testing.
A number of ‘in situ’ tests were undertaken with different applications in different industries – all proving highly successful.

The development of RVS Technology continues and the first measures for the demanding research process to develop the fourth generation technology have already been taken. The target is to further improve the efficiency and applicability of the technology in order to better suite and widen the already large-scale applications.

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