Commercial Transport

RVS Technology offers credibility and efficiency for commercial transport without costly downtimes and services.

Restore engines, transmissions, and other mechanisms of vehicles like buses, tractors, trucks etc. with our tailor-made professional products.

By restoring mechanisms, you can improve their productivity and economical efficiency. You also guarantee a longer lifetime for them.

RVS Technology is an easy and fast solution for decreasing fuel consumption and emissions of commercial transport vehicles.


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lower CO₂ emissions
  • Improved reliability
  • Prolonged lifetime
  • Prolonged service intervals
  • Improved efficiency

Case Histec Oy
Treating a forklift, 2017

RVS Technology® was successfully tested on a high-hour and worn Linde H30D fork lift from 1989 with a diesel engine and hydraulic powertrain. The aim was to get rid of the reduced power, uneven slow motion and blue exhaust gases.

As a result, the forklift has its power back and starts moving with ease. The engine works fine and the smoking has reduced considerbly. The noise of the hydraulics and the diesel engine has become significantly “cleaner”.

The treatments exceeded our expactations, and now we have two working forklifts. The number of future operational hours became significantly bigger without opening the engines.

Ismo Aaltonen, entrepreneur, Histec Oy

Case Busmo Oy
Treating a bus, 2019

RVS Technology® products have been in use in Busmo Oy buses for several years. The fleet consists of 15 buses. Busmo Oy takes care of a great deal of transport of the city of Espoo, which requires low emission level and high reliability of both the fleet and the drivers.

Benefits noted after RVS treatments:

  • Fuel consumption has dropped by about 5–8 %
  • The emissions have reduced significantly
  • The power steering unit of a Volvo was resored to be similar to a new one
  • In bus hinges and many other mechanisms, RVS Premium Universal Oil spray has improved operational characteristics. The favourite of our service staff.

We can recommend the product for heavy transport such as buses and lorries/trucks.

Jyrki Moskari, CEO, Busmo Oy

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