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Chain saw treatment

RVS TECHNOLOGY® for small machinery

Make your small machinery last longer. RVS TECHNOLOGY® is certified to protect surfaces of mechanisms from wear.

Chain Saw Treatment that is designed for treating chain saw engines and chains contains a 90-ml bottle of RVS substance and special oil. The contents of the bottle is sufficient for treating one chain saw engine and one chain or, alternatively, two chains. The package includes the appropriate amount of RVS substance for treating a normal, “family size” chain saw, i.e. the 2-stroke engine, the chain, and the bar of chain saw. Alternatively, it is enough for treating two chains and bars. One half of the content is used for the engine, the other for the chain and the bar.

Note that you can use Technology® 2-Stroke Engine Protection & Restoration for treating 2-stroke engines of motorcycles, mopeds, outboard motors, snowmobiles, lawn mowers etc.

For treating small 4-stroke engines, you can use the G2 product.


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