With an RVS treatment, you save the environment and money

We in the RVS company believe that the world changes one engine at a time. That is why we try to make minimising emissions as easy and cost-effective as possible for both private and business customers.

RVS Technology® is an immediate and effective solution for reducing CO₂ emissions in both industry and transport. Tests show that, as a result of an RVS treatment, emissions and energy consumption decrease by 5–25 %.

Apart from decreased energy costs, the use of RVS products covers its costs through decreased maintenance and service costs.

It has always been important for us to make high-quality products that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our activities in the long term.

We hope that a growing number of people pay attention to the emissions of their vehicles and other equipment. Although the use of our products increases the available power, we help Finland achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2035. Make a sustainable choice and purchase RVS products today!

The effects of an RVS treatment last a long time in the future.


longer lifetime


lower emissions


lower consumption


more power

Test results


RVS Technology® helps reduce CO₂ emissions of road transport

RVS Technology® is a significant step towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport.

Tests show that an RVS treatment produces a triboceramic surface, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. As a result of a treatment, fuel and energy consumption decrease, which leads to CO₂ emissions that are typically 5–25 % lower. As a result of an RVS treatment, the operational life of mechanisms and components is extended up to 50 %, and engine power and torque are normally improved by 3–4 %.

If a major part of the vehicles used on the roads were treated, what kind of effects could we expect? On a larger scale, a 5-to-10-percent decrease in CO₂ per vehicle would cumulatively lead to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of lower annual emissions in Finland alone.

What is RVS Technology® based on?

More sustainable driving – even with older cars

The majority of car owners in Finland buy a second-hand car, and around 600,000 transactions are made annually. Cars are used for a long time, on average about 20 years. That is why it is important to concentrate on the existing cost-effective means that can make the existing car park less polluting.

RVS Technology® is a solution that does not require renewing all the cars or other significant changes in the infrastructure. A car owner can carry out the treatment themselves very easily, and the results can be seen instantly.

RVS products for vehicles

In the field of industry, RVS makes equipment more reliable and extends service intervals

RVS Technology® brings along plenty of benefits for industry, too. An RVS treatment produces a triboceramic surface on metal, which reduces mechanical resistance and wear.

The triboceramic surface structure protects and restores the surface being treated, which leads to a lower need for maintenance, improves predictability, and extends the operational life of equipment.

When the useful life of mechanisms and components increases by 50 %, the need for new spare parts decreases, which also decreases the use of materials and emissions related to them. If a device lasts longer in industry, you get a higher degree of efficiency per unit and, thus, fewer emissions during production.

The positive effects of an RVS treatment have been noticed in practical terms in many fields of production.

Our services to business partners

Finnish know-how

RVS Technology® is an innovation from Finland. Being Finnish is a value in itself that we are very proud of.

We produce our efficient products with over 20 years of experience. From our part, we want to support the Finnish labour market, and our production process takes place almost entirely in Finland.

We constantly develop our products and activities

We want to be participants in building a more carbon-neutral future, and we always try to find new ways to develop RVS products and their responsibilities. We utilise recycled materials when available.

RVS as a company

Your partner in more sustainable processes…

whether you are driving on a road, going somewhere on the sea, running an industrial production process, or maintaining a motor sports car or motorcycle.


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