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RVS Products

  • RVS is Finnish tested and reliable method of protecting and restoring an engine, transmission, power steering unit etc. You can perform a treatment easily and quickly by yourself.
  • RVS products decrease fuel consumption, improve engine power, prolong lifespan, decrease service needs, and therefore they are also an environmentally sustainable choice.
  • RVS Technology® is based on a ceramic treatment of metal friction surfaces. TÜV SÜD, the renowned German testing organisation, among others, has confirmed the benefits of the RVS Technology in its own tests.
G2For gasoline (petrol) engines – 0-2 l (not diesel)27,90
G4For gasoline (petrol) engines – 2-4 l47,90
G6For gasoline (petrol) engines – 4-6 l67,90
G8For gasoline (petrol) engines – 6-9 l94,90
G6+G6For gasoline (petrol) engines – 9-12 l135,80
G6+G8For gasoline (petrol) engines – 12-15 l162,80
G8+G8For gasoline (petrol) engines – 15-20 l189,80
D4For Diesel­ engines – 2-4 l67,90
D6For Diesel­ engines – 4-6 l94,90
D8For Diesel­ engines – 6-9 l129,90
D6+D6For Diesel­ engines – 9-12 l189,80
D6+D8For Diesel­ engines – 12-15 l224,80
D20For Diesel­ engines – 15-20 l259,80
D40For Diesel­ engines – 20-40 l (not petrol/gasoline)399,00
T3For manual transmissions – Manual transmission, 0-3 l44,90
T5For manual transmissions – Manual transmission, 3-5 l67,90
GL-5-250-mlFor marine transmissions GL5, 80W-90 – 250 ml17,90
GL-5-1000-mlFor marine transmissions GL5, 80W-90 – 1000 ml49,90
T3FFront axle differentials – 0-3 l44,90
T5FFront axle differentials – 3-5 l67,90
T6AFor automatic transmissions – Automatic transmission, 0-6 l79,90
T8AFor automatic transmissions – Automatic transmission, 6-9 l109,90
GIP3For fuel injection systems of gasoline (petrol) engines44,90
T3RRear axle differentials – 0-3 l44,90
T5RRear axle differentials – 3-5 l67,90
DIP3For diesel injection systems44,90
P2For power steering29,90
T3PTransfer box (T3-T5) – 0-3 l44,90
T5PTransfer box (T3-T5) – 3-5 l67,90

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Why RVS products?

The RVS products are ones of their own kind when compared with traditional motor oils and their additives. The purpose of the RVS products is not to replace them but to help them work as they have been designed to do by improving their circumstances.

Our products are ideal for all engines when it comes to reducing fuel consumption, improving power, prolonging inter-service intervals, and improving durability – or when an engine has it difficult to pass its annual emission test. In transmissions, the RVS products help reduce energy loss and improve its operation. In all cases the wear rate is minimised and wear in its initial state can be repaired with ceramics.

The RVS Technology® does not affect your motor oil in any way, due to which a treatment has a significantly more long-lasting effect than an oil change interval. The effect of the RVS products is based on a triboceramic treatment, in which the active substances of the RVS compound react with the metal surfaces of the mechanism being treated and produce a thin but durable protective layer. As a by-effect of  the ceramics formation, the impurities on the surfaces being treated are loosened and removed.

Engine manufacturers have wanted to make a ceramic engine for a long time without succeeding in it. With the RVS products, it is possible to obtain the benefits of a ceramic surface structure  easily, quickly and cost-effectively in old and new engines alike.

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