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Durable, cost-effective and efficient technology

With an experience of over 20 years

RVS is a Finnish company that aims at offering its customers durable and efficient solutions for optimising performance and energy consumption. Our easy-to-use products based on a ceramic treatment have gained a solid ground especially among car owners, but also in many other fields.

The RVS products are an effective way of decreasing the energy consumption and emissions of your devices as well as increasing power and torque. We serve private car owners, boat owners, car and motorsports professionals ja hobbyists as well people in different fields of industry throughout the world.

It’s great that you have also found your path to RVS Technology® products! Now it is about time to take the next step and start taking advantage of the available possibilities.

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A company proud to be Finnish, renowned throughout the world

RVS Technology® is an innovation from Finland. We are passionate about what we do, and we are a trusted partner in our field. Being Finnish is a value we are especially proud of.

We make our product with an experience of over 20 years. We want to be a participant in supporting the Finnish labour market, and our production process is organised almost entirely in Finland.

One of our goals is to spread the knowledge of car emissions and their effect on the environment. We believe that every individual counts in tackling the climate change, and we want to help more and more people to pay attention on the emissions of their own car. If the emissions of one car are reduced even by 5–25 %, it becomes a huge effect when multiplied by the amount of cars.

Environmental friendliness of the RVS products

Aiming at doing better

Constantly developing our products is in the core of RVS Technology®. We try to improve the efficiency and usability of the technology in order for the products to be better suitable for ever growing ways of using them.

We want to offer our customers the best possible product, and that is why we follow the trends in the field and research on the newest technologies.

What is RVS?

As our company develops, I am motivated the most by offering better and better solutions for our customers. As a passionate motorsports enthusiast I am glad to be able to follow the development of the filed in the front line as a partner of great sportsmen.

CEO, Oy RVS Technology Ltd.

The patented technology is a result of work during dozens of years

RVS was born from a will to make products that make using different devices more durable and efficient.

The origin of the RVS technology goes back to extensive deep drilling operations. During drilling it was discovered that at a certain depth drill heads stayed sharp many times longer than they normally would. During the subsequent research it became clear that it was the mineral in the layers of rock that was causing this surprising effect.

The observation inspired a group of Finnish and international researchers in the 1990’s to work together. The goal of the group was to refine the idea on the minerals’ effect to a level of utilising them commercially.

The first commercial RVS Technology® products were launched in 2001. They passed several international tests, which made it possible to develop and enlarge the product selection to new markets.

In 2007, the RVS Technology® was sold to the present company. The transaction made international patents and investments in the new, improved third-generation product family.

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An RVS treatment gives long-term benefits

The reliability and efficiency of equipment improve

Service intervals and useful life extend

Friction decreases, as a result of which both emissions and operational costs also decrease

Actively participating in motorsports

We are broadly involved in different types of motorsports where the goal is to maximise the energy output without breaking any mechanism. We want to offer our customers the best possible products so that they can get the most out of their motors.

RVS in motorsports

Your partner in more sustainable processes – whether you are driving on a road, going somewhere on the seas, running an industrial pro-duction process or maintaining a motor sports car or motorcycle

Today we at RVS can be proud of the fact that our products have helped hundreds of thousands of car owners, boat owners, and professionals in different industries throughout the world to get a better user experience, lower emissions and costs, as well as longer useful life for their equipment.

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I am convinced by the good properties of the RVS products

I have used the D4/D6 additive in the engines of two cars and also in an automatic transmission. The fuel consumption has dropped and the transmissions works more softly.

Private customer
Eura, Finland, 06/2022

Customer service with expertise

The orientation towards serving clients and expertise in what we do is visible in our customer service. We will be happy to help and answer all your questions concerning our products and their use.

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