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Industrial objects

  • RVS Technology® is an easy and effective solution for reducing the energy consumption, maintenance expenses, and carbon footprint of your company.
  • An RVS Technology® treatment improves reliability and performance in industrial objects. The RVS Technology® extends the lifetime of equipment while reducing downtime and shut-downs caused by maintenance, which improves the predictability and productivity of the production process.
  • RVS Technology Professional Gel package for big customers is available in the 400-ml standard size, but the product is available in any quantity in accordance with the customer’s needs. The 400-ml package is accompanied by a dosing pump.
  • We always instruct our customers to use our products in their equipment, or, alternatively, we can offer the service the customer needs. Contact us, and we can tailor a solution that meets your requirements!
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Examples of using RVS products in industry

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Industrial transmissions
  • Transmissions of wind turbines
  • Diesel engines, transmissions, and hydraulics in dumpers
  • Industrial conveyors
  • Professional transport: buses, big lorries, and other transport equipment
  • Forklifts
  • High-temperature objects where the lubricants are struggling
  • And many others!

An RVS treatment extends the operational life of industrial equipment and reduces shut-downs caused by maintenance.

You can treat and restore bearings, transmissions, and other mechanisms very easily with the RVS Technology® Professional Gel and RVS Technology® Universal/Synthetic Grease that have been developed for industrial use. Reports show that an RVS treatment increases the performance and economical productivity of equipment.