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Experience from carrying out an RVS treatment: “This is some miracle product!”

The benefits of an RVS treatment have been noted in several international tests carried out by renowned testing organisations all over the world. But what do the customers say, and how do the products work in normal, everyday, changing conditions?

We have collected customer-experience feedback from our customers here. Read the honest evaluations and be surprised!

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Customer-experience feedback on RVS treatments

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Full five stars

I have found the product to be very good and have saved a lot of diesel after the double treatment.


Vihti, Finland, 06/2022

I am convinced of the good qualities of RVS products

Two cars have been treated with D4/D6 additive in the engine and additional additive in the automatic transmission. Fuel consumption has decreased and the gearbox operates smoothly.

Personal customer

Eura, Finland, 06/2022

This is a miraculous substance

The patient, an Audi A6 2010 diesel, 260 thousand kilometres (129 thousand miles) driven, changed new oil and RVS to the rear drive. Driven 400 km (250 miles) and new oils and RVS. Now after driving 8,000 km (5,000 miles) the consumption dropped 0.2l/100km. Oil consumption only 0.5 dl/8000km just checked and added. Cold start faster than before treatment. Good emissions on annual inspection. Smoother and quieter running. Nothing has changed in my daily driving routines. I always drive 60 kms to and from work, always on the same route plus shopping trips 1km each way, I’d say all the same amount of driving before and after treatment.



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What makes RVS products so efficient?

The power of RVS Technology® is achieved through triboceramic processing, which has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It is not an engine oil or additive, but an innovative way of forming a new surface based on ceramic processing.

With the triboceramic treatment, certain components of the RVS compound react with metallic friction surfaces to produce a thin but durable protective layer of optimum thickness for the surface. This layer reduces friction and wear, extending the life and improving the performance of your equipment.


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