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Boats and Marine applications

  • With the RVS products, you can treat both different marine engines and marine transmissions by yourself with ease.
  • Our efficient, high-quality Marine Gear Oil for inboard and outboard engine transmissions can also be used in Z and L couplings. A treatment protects efficiently against corrosion caused by seawater.
  • For most marine engines, a single treatment is sufficient.
  • A marine engine treatment is easiest when the boat is afloat, as the engine has to operate for at least 45 minutes during the procedure.
  • When treating a transmission, you add the RVS substance immediately before it is used.
  • If the oil capacity of your engine is over 9.5 litres, you can combine two packages and use one D4 and one D6 product in an engine with 10 litres of oil, two D6 packages in an engine with 12 litres of oil, etc.
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We recommend you treat both the engine and the transmission

With the RVS products you can easily improve the economy, durability, and environmental friendliness of your boat. An outboard motor is typically prone to corrosion. The RVS Technology® forms a protective ceramic surface that decreases wear and extends operational life. A treated engine runs cooler and more efficiently.

Normally, a single treatment of a marine engine is sufficient. However, many of our customers have experienced the benefits to be so significant that they treat their engines with RVS products on a regular basis.

With an RVS treatment, it is possible to improve the usability of a marine transmission. Marine transmission parts wear easily, and the transmission becomes stiff and noisy. RVS products do not repair defects in the basic mechanics, but a treatment reduces friction and effectively eliminates wear, noise, vibration, and corrosion – ceramics do not rust.

For a full treatment of a marine transmission, a single RVS treatment is sufficient. However, note that in a marine transmission the benefits may appear with some delay but not later than within a few dozen operational hours. If the change is not big enough after a single treatment, you can perform another treatment.