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Gun Protection & Restoration Spray (gun oil + RVS Technology®)

An excellent addition to a hunter’s and sport shooter’s toolbox!

The RVS Gun Protection & Restoration Spray is a power product for firearm restoration. Even if you already use the best possible gun oil, you can have significant benefits from carrying out an RVS treatment on your firearms. The Gun Protection & Restoration Spray is designed for treating the bolt and barrel up to 10 mm (0.4″) in diameter and up to 500 mm (20″) in length. This is not a normal gun oil product but a combination of high-quality gun oil and effective RVS Technology. The Gun Protection & Restoration Spray is designed for treating sliding surfaces of firearms.

When used in combination with traditional gun oil, the RVS Gun Protection & Restoration Spray gives you the following benefits:

  • Renovates worn barrel and its calibre.
  • Decreases the formation of residues from metals such as lead, copper, and nickel, as well as gunpowder remnants.
  • Surfaces with improved friction properties increase muzzle velocity and accuracy.
  • Cleaning the gun becomes very easy after using the product.

The product is supplied in a 48-ml spray can in a cardboard box. See treatment instructions and video guidance via the links below.