Longer lifetime.


More power.


longer lifetime


more power


lower consumption


less emissions

RVS Technology.

RVS Technology® is a triboceramic treatment that has proved to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The ceramic surface structure protects and restores metallic surfaces prone to friction, as a result of which their life span is prolonged.


RVS is the only technology that has the capability restore friction surfaces up to their original shapes. A new surface structure is formed autoreactively without a need to dismantle the mechanism being treated. In other words, the treatment does not require down-times or production losses.


The core of the technology is in its capability to recognise worn and damaged parts by “locating” a heat energy source caused by frictionand subsequently reforming those surfaces. The process ceases automatically when the ceramic surface structure has been formed.


The thickness of the surface structure depends onthe wear rate of the objectbeing treated and the pressure that affects the surface during the treatment procedure. The more the object has worn, the more shocks there are inside, and thus the more energy there is available for the restoration process.

With contemporary manufacturing methods, it is hard to get into every friction pair of a mechanism, such is the clearance optimisation level. With RVS Technology, restoring friction pairs is carried out very easily without downtimes, expensive spareparts, and logistics and handling costs.
As a result, you get a reliable machine for a long time.


  • No dismantling, sending parts to service or expensive downtimes
  • It prolongsthe component lifetime (30 to 70 %)
  • It reduces the need to replace expensive parts as the wear process is almost completely stopped
  • It improves the predictability of the mechanism operation
  • It reduces energy and fuel consumption (5 to 10 %)
  • It reduces emissions – smaller environmental strain (10 to 30 %)
  • It decreases vibration and noise (10 to 50 %)
  • It reduces the need for lubricants and prolongs the lubricant lifetime (30 to 50 %)
  • Fewer corrosion problems
  • A mechanism can survive a sudden lack of lubrication caused a damage

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