• RVS is a in Finland produced, proven, effective and reliable way to protect and restore your engine. You can easily and quickly carry out the RVS treatment yourself.
  • Generally, the choice of product is based on the oil volume of the equipment to be treated. When treating motorcycles where the gearbox is also lubricated with the same oil, it is recommended to use a product one notch stronger than the oil volume would indicate, due to the large surface area of the treated surfaces. In general, the correct product for motorcycle engines is G6.
  • By carrying out two treatments, you will obtain a benefit for about 65 000 km in normal motorcycle use. There is no need to use a separate engine cleaner before each RVS treatment.
  • Carry out the first RVS treatment approximately 300-400 km before the oil change. If you have already had an oil change and are unsure about the timing or amount of treatment required, please contact our Customer Service Department. We will be happy to guide you through the correct procedure!


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Motor oil capacity

Huom. jos vaihteisto voidellaan samalla öljyllä valitse pykälää suurempi tuote, useimmiten G6.


Vaihteiston tyyppi ja öljytilavuus

RVS treatment to boost the performance and reduce the fuel consumption of your motorcycle

The fuel consumption of a motorcycle is influenced by many factors, e.g. weight, air resistance, riding style, tire condition and pressure, load and even humidity and temperature.
Older engines in particular may not be as efficient as newer ones and consume more fuel. On the other hand, cold weather affects the engine warm-up phase and therefore fuel consumption
With an RVS treatment, you can easily improve the efficiency of your engine and reduce fuel consumption. Studies show that RVS products lower the fuel consumption of motor vehicles and reduce CO emissions by up to 5-10%.


How and when is RVS treatment carried out?

With RVS products, the engine is generally always treated twice to achieve optimum results. The first treatment covers just over half of the benefits and already forms a protective ceramic on the engine surface. The second, complementary or restorative treatment provides the rest of the benefits.

For brand new and new engines in normal use that have run less than 40,000 km, one treatment is usually sufficient. This can be done at virtually any time during the oil change interval, as long as at least 500 km are driven before the next oil change to ensure that the friction surfaces are optimally treated. The RVS added to the oil can remain in the engine until the next normal oil change.
For engines with a mileage of more than 40,000 km, we recommend carrying out the first treatment with RVS products approx. 300-400 km before the oil change. If the oil has already been changed, you can still treat with RVS products. In this case, you should only check the quality of the engine oil after the treatment. Treating the engine with RVS products also removes dirt from the engine’s friction surfaces, although the products themselves do not contain any cleaning chemicals.

Please note that it is not necessary to use a separate engine cleaner before an RVS treatment, unless you have opted to use one.

The dosage of RVS products for motorcycles

The oil capacity of your bikes engine is crucial for selecting the right product. You can combine different RVS products to obtain the total quantity that best suits your needs.
For motorcycles with a wet clutch (transmission and engine in the same oil), please always select the next larger product version G4 instead of G2, G6 instead of G4, etc. This recommendation is due to the larger amount of friction surfaces with wet clutches.