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  • RVS is a Finnish-patented and tested product family for the protection and restoration of internal combustion engines. You can perform the treatment procedure easily by yourself.
  • Normally, the choice of the right product is based on the oil capacity of the mechanism. If, for instance, the oil capacity of a diesel engine is over 9 litres, you can combine the D4 and D6 products and use them in an engine that has 10 litres of oil. With two D6 packages, you can treat an engine that has 12 litres of oil, etc. For petrol, ethanol, and gas engines, there are corresponding products, G4 and G6.
  • When you make a dual treatment, the benefits last for approximately 100,000 km (65,000 miles). You do not have to use a separate cleaning agent before either RVS treatment.
  • Carry out the first RVS treatment 300–400 km (200–300 miles) before an oil change. If you already have had the oil changed and you are hesitating with the timing or the correct dosing, contact our customer service. We will be glad to guide you in the right way to treat your device!
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With an RVS treatment, you can increase power and decrease fuel consumption

There are plenty of factors that affect the fuel consumption of a vehicle, like the vehicle weight, air resistance, driving habits, tyre condition and pressure, use of air conditioning, vehicle load, and even air humidity and temperature. Especially older engines are not necessarily as effective as newer ones, and they can consume more fuel. On the other hand, colder weather can affect the speed at which the engine heats up and, thus, fuel consumption.

With an RVS treatment, you can easily improve the performance of an engine and decrease its fuel consumption. Based on studies, the RVS products decrease fuel consumption and CO emissions by 5 to 10 percent.

How and when to carry out an RVS treatment

With RVS products, the engine is normally treated twice for the best results. The first treatment covers about a little more than half of the benefits and already forms a protective ceramic on the engine surface. The second, complementary, or restorative treatment provides the rest of the benefits.

For brand new and new engines in normal use, driven less than 40,000 km (25,000 miles), one treatment is usually sufficient. The treatment can be done at practically any point during the oil change interval, as long as it is at least 500 km (300 miles) before the next oil change. RVS added to the oil may remain in the engine until the next normal oil change.

We recommend that for engines with more than 40,000 km (25,000 miles) of mileage, you apply the first treatment with RVS products about 300–400 km (200–250 miles) before the oil change. If the oil has already been changed, you can still treat the engine with RVS products. In this case, you should only check the quality of the engine oil after the treatment. Apart from other positive effects, treating the engine with RVS products will also remove dirt on the friction surfaces of the engine, although the products themselves do not contain any cleaning chemicals.

Please note that a separate engine cleaner does not need to be used before either RVS treatment, unless you have otherwise decided to use one.

Dosing of RVS products for vehicles

The oil capacity of your vehicle’s engine will guide the selection of the appropriate product. You can combine different RVS products to ensure that the total amount best meets your needs. When combining products, we recommend that you choose “adjacent” products, for example, G6+G6 rather than G8+G4 for a petrol engine with the oil capacity of 11 litres.


  • If the oil capacity is 9.5 litres, you can combine the products G4 and G6.
  • If the oil capacity is 12 litres, combine G6+G6.
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