For fuel injection systems of gasoline (petrol) engines

RVS TECHNOLOGY® for fuel injection systems

Improve the economy and durability of your vehicle while you make it environmentally more friendly. RVS TECHNOLOGY® protects surfaces and equipment from wear. By treating your fuel system, you clean, restore, and protect the fuel pump and injectors of your vehicle. It improves the combustion process and prevents fuel pump failures.

The treatment is easy to carry out by yourself:

It is recommended to start the RVS Technology® Injection System Protection & Restoration procedures when the fuel tank is almost empty (the amount of fuel is sufficient for 45-to-60-minute driving). The fuel temperature has to be min. +10 °C (50 °F).
Shake the bottle well (20–30 sec.) until the mixture is homogenous.
Pour the contents of the bottle into the fuel tank.
Let the engine operate – preferably in driving conditions – until the fuel tank is almost empty. Avoid stopping the engine during this time. Fill up the fuel tank and continue using the vehicle as usual.
The treatment is complete after approximately 300 to 500 km (180 to 300 miles) of driving.

You guarantee the best possible result if you treat the engine with RVS Technology® Engine Protection & Restoration products first.


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Treating internal combustion engines with RVS Technology® Engine Protection & Restoration products

GIP3 product:

  • A 70-ml ready-to-use bottle
  • Multilingual step-by-step instruction leaflet