For marine transmissions GL5, 80W-90

RVS TECHNOLOGY® for marine transmissions, which use differential oil (GL-5, 80W-90)

Improve the economy, durability and ecology of your boat very easily. RVS TECHNOLOGY® protects surfaces and equipment from wear. Marine Gear Oil is an efficient high quality oil specifically developed for inboard and outboard engine transmissions, suitable also for Z and L couplings. Transmission parts wear very easily, and it causes the transmission to become stiff and noisy. The treatment reduces friction and, as a consequence, wear, noise, and vibrations. The Marine Gear Oil is available in two sizes.

For other transmission types, we recommend RVS Technology transmission (T series) products.

All RVS products intended for vehicles can also be used for treating corresponding marine equipment. Carry out the treatment procedures in accordance with the instructions enclosed in the packages.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Recommended to be applied by an experienced mechanic.

The product is to be used as is.

250 ml bottle with a filler nook.

1000 ml bottle. If wished you can attach a dosing pump to the threads of the bottle (not included).