Transfer box (T3-T5)

RVS TECHNOLOGY® for transmissions

Improve the economy and durability of your vehicle while you make it environmentally more friendly.
RVS TECHNOLOGY® protects surfaces and equipment from wear. Transmission parts wear, which causes them to become stiff and noisy. After the treatment, the transmission becomes easier to use and it works more accurately.

In the product family, there are products for both automatic and manual transmissions. Carrying out the treatment is easiest if done during a regular service. You can also do it yourself if you know where to add oil to the transmission.


Osa 1

Osa 2

Osa 3

Recommended to be applied by an experienced mechanic.

  • A syringe and a 25-cm-long (10-inch-long) hose for applying the product gel into the mechanism.
  • A 11-ml RVS gel tube.
  • A multilingual step-by-step instruction.